The Linden Suites

I, together with my boyfriend’s family, stayed in The Linden Suites located at Ortigas Center for 1 night. We had the Twin Bedroom Deluxe for us.

Staycation is one of our favorite things to do since we get to relax and pamper ourselves, plus we act like we’re living the cosmopolitan life. This is our first for this year 2017!

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take pictures of our bedroom, just the view outside the window.

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4 “rainbow-friendly” night spots in Manila

ATTENTION: LGBT peeps and heteros as well! Thinking of going out tonight? Are you looking for a place where you can express your sexuality and be comfortable being happy and gay? Or are you straight who wants to explore new places and get drunk in a new environment?

Well, here are the 4 places that I could suggest which are either built for gay people or have gay-friendly atmosphere. Plus, due to my great night out experiences and cute guys who frequent them (if you’re looking for a good aura hehe).

today-xPhoto courtesy from Today x Future Official Facebook Page

Today X Future

Today X (as me and my friends call it because it’s near from Cubao X) is a resto-bar and art gallery at the same time. They have artworks, music records, and books that you can view inside the place. There is a Cubao X shop-which-sells-vintage-items feels when you enter the place. They also feature artists with their art collection once in a while. It’s kind of small inside though they also set tables and chairs outside. Hippie customers frequent this place.

Address: 7-T Gen. Malvar St., Araneta Centre, Cubao, Q.C. 1109 Quezon City
Entrance fee: none
Table rates: none
Operating hours: Tuesday | 7 pm – 3 am
                                  Wednesday to Saturday | 7 pm – 4 am

o-barO Bar Divas. Photo from my gallery.

O Bar

O Bar has been the go-to place for 11 years of many gay patrons if they want to drink and party. I always end up having an awesome night in this bar because of the drag performers, ledge dancers, and great crowd. The drag performances are the best here in Manila plus the ledge dancers are all hot and handsome. You will get to meet new sets of people as well who are nice and fun to be with, that is if you are friendly and open for socialization. Yuppies and celebrities frequent this place.

Address: Ortigas Home Depot, Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas, Pasig City Manila
Entrance fee: P400* Wednesday & Thursday
                          P500* Friday to Sunday
                         *inclusive of 3 local drinks or one cocktail
Table rates: P4,000* good for 4-6 pax
                       P6,000* good for 6-8 pax
                      *exclusive of entrance fee
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Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank 2 – Movie Review: Funny, deep, creative

eugene-septic-tank-2Photo courtesy from Ang Babae Sa Septic Tank Part 2 Official Facebook Page

Metro Manila Film Festival marked its 42nd year and as a tradition, I did not let the holidays pass without watching the entries.

“Ang Babae sa Septic Tank 2: #foreverisnotenough” was partnered with a short film “Manila Scream”. The latter focused on “The Scream” painting by Edvard Munch being copied by the character through facial expressions and body gestures. I recognized the painting since I already saw it in one of the art fairs that I went to. With regard to the acting, all are natural. The street kids acted like there’s no camera filming. Undoubtedly, they got the Special Jury Prize during the MMFF 2016 Awards Night. Congrats!

the-screamPhoto courtesy from

Now, let’s talk about Septic Tank 2. The movie within the movie started in Baguio. It is about the crumbling marriage of Romina and Cesar, in which Direk Rainier (Kean Cipriano) thought of shooting the film in the damaged and polluted areas of the city to correlate with the characters’ marriage. A perfect metaphor. Moreover, the two would go back to these places where their relationship flourished.

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To The One Who Were Left Behind

Certainly, we cannot control if people would come and go into our lives. For months, even weeks, they are with us and then poof, all gone. Fighting for them to stay is a choice we should make, but for how long? Do they deserve to have a spot in our lives, or we just need to let go?

In a world full of mistakes, missed chances, and moving on, are things still worth fighting for?

I know a separated woman who has been largely hurt by a man and swore that she will never let a man make her feel that way. I salute her! I believe we should not depend on anyone, especially for our happiness’ sake. Undeniably, pain makes us tougher. It transforms us into someone we never thought we could be.

On the contrary, there is this guy whose despite the failed relationships and dates, keeps on believing in “love”. Notwithstanding all the money spent, wasted effort, and faded flowers. Unwavering optimism and trust are apparent.

I have my fair share of being left behind and leaving people behind. It’s not a good experience having someone whom you cared so much broke his/her promises. Someone special who brought light into your world then suddenly killed it. On my side, it made me hard to trust again. I cannot choose when love would come, but I can choose people whom deserve my trust.


Who would like the feeling of being pushed beside; making you feel like someone’s way better than you; and that you’re unworthy of the time and appreciation?
No one.

With all the bad experiences, guarding ourselves and putting protective barriers are the best solutions in order for us not to reiterate bad experiences. We walk in a new direction after all the misdirection.

We do not become our personal villain when we stop fighting. When we stop chasing people. When we stop begging for them to come back. We let ourselves move forward; heal hastily; and make things for our own benefit and growth. We must not let other people ruin our lives.

Yes, things are still worth fighting for – albeit the mistakes, missed chances, and moving on – but with the right person. It’s not right for us to restrain ourselves with our happiness just because the wrong people exposed us to heartache and mistrust. Let’s give the right person the right amount of love he/she deserves. Being with a new person includes a new love story that we’re hoping to have a happy ending.

A Year Ago


Are you not fascinated by the fact that exactly a year ago, same date last year, your life was different from the life you are living now? It might be the workplace, the house you live in, your friends, family, relatives, even boyfriend or girlfriend. One way or another, something has changed.

I feel much amazement with the mere fact that I have a different life one year ago.

A year ago, 2015, I was just entering the corporate world after I passed the board exam for Psychometricians. A fresh meat in the jungle of professionals. A pathetic amateur. I didn’t know where I got my bravery to drag myself inside the corporate office TO WORK. To finally say to myself, “I’m earning.”

A year after, 2016, I am now working in a start-up company with 7 team members here in Manila branch and 2 team members from Cebu and Davao branches. So to speak, I miss working in a company with more than a hundred employees because I get to see and interact with a lot of people everyday compared to my current company. Nonetheless, I can say that I’m happier with my job duties and responsibilities since I get to practice my license as a Psychomet and I believe that we are a growing company and will add more employees in the near future.

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