A Year Ago


Are you not fascinated by the fact that exactly a year ago, same date last year, your life was different from the life you are living now? It might be the workplace, the house you live in, your friends, family, relatives, even boyfriend or girlfriend. One way or another, something has changed.

I feel much amazement with the mere fact that I have a different life one year ago.

A year ago, 2015, I was just entering the corporate world after I passed the board exam for Psychometricians. A fresh meat in the jungle of professionals. A pathetic amateur. I didn’t know where I got my bravery to drag myself inside the corporate office TO WORK. To finally say to myself, “I’m earning.”

A year after, 2016, I am now working in a start-up company with 7 team members here in Manila branch and 2 team members from Cebu and Davao branches. So to speak, I miss working in a company with more than a hundred employees because I get to see and interact with a lot of people everyday compared to my current company. Nonetheless, I can say that I’m happier with my job duties and responsibilities since I get to practice my license as a Psychomet and I believe that we are a growing company and will add more employees in the near future.

A year ago, I used to see certain friends but things changed, schedule changed until the last thing I know is that we seldom meet each other anymore. One of my friends had a change of schedule in law school; other one got employed; then another stayed in the province to work and take care of her son.

Man in the Forest
by Oleh Slobodeniuk

Time escapes. This is what I realized after the countless hasty unpredictable changes and adjustments in my life in a span of one year. Hence, if we are not going to value time and the people around us, we would be surprised to how things have changed right in front of our eyes.

A year ago, my relatives perceived me positively. A young adult man who graduated from a good college, passed the board exam, a promising professional – and who like girls.

2016 came as a shocker to me. I have not anticipated that I would come out to my relatives through social media, particularly Facebook. On my family’s side, it’s only my brother who did not know about my sexual preference. Happily, Kuya accepted me wholeheartedly. However, my relatives had a different reaction. They were critical and negative about me being gay and having a boyfriend. At least, at first. I brought Karl to my hometown, Olongapo, and introduced him to them. They got to talk and know each other well. We even celebrated Christmas and had noche buena altogether. All things happened well. Thank God.

Yes, I met someone this year. Last April. And it changed my whole year, my whole life. His name is Karl Mikhael. What a lovely name.

A year ago, perhaps I have experienced what many people go through up to this moment – being left behind. Unappreciated? Oh damn, no. I don’t want to pity myself over people who disregard my effort and time. But yes, I was left behind by some guys whom I shared failed dates.

This year, God blessed me with a great love story. With a great man. It is on me to take uttermost care of it, of him. So, it won’t get away; it won’t let go. In addition, I still get to reach for my dreams even I’m in a relationship. I tend not to lose myself rather I continue to grow as a better person and learn more things about life, love, relationships, family, friends, and ultimately, God.

Lastly, me and my sister lived in an apartment in Malacanang complex for five years and last March, we finally pushed through with our decision of moving to another place. However, me and my boyfriend decided to live together in his house. Still a new environment for me.

Many things have changed in a span of one year and the only thing that I could aspire for is a better version of myself. A better life. Some changes can be the results of our own decisions and choices, and others can be brought upon fate and God’s plan.

I am so stoked to what’s in store for me in the forthcoming year.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! Keep chasing dreams and making them a reality through hardwork and determination. Hoping more of our dreams will come true this 2017.


One thought on “A Year Ago

  1. It’s been a roller coaster ride for you Kris, anyway i’ve seen a lot of inclinations on the parts of coming out and up to the point that you finally introduced someone not only to your relatives, but also to the place where you started thinking differently. It was an awkward though simple way to meet you a year ago, hopefully this year brings us more good memories. Good job my friend!

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