To The One Who Were Left Behind

Certainly, we cannot control if people would come and go into our lives. For months, even weeks, they are with us and then poof, all gone. Fighting for them to stay is a choice we should make, but for how long? Do they deserve to have a spot in our lives, or we just need to let go?

In a world full of mistakes, missed chances, and moving on, are things still worth fighting for?

I know a separated woman who has been largely hurt by a man and swore that she will never let a man make her feel that way. I salute her! I believe we should not depend on anyone, especially for our happiness’ sake. Undeniably, pain makes us tougher. It transforms us into someone we never thought we could be.

On the contrary, there is this guy whose despite the failed relationships and dates, keeps on believing in “love”. Notwithstanding all the money spent, wasted effort, and faded flowers. Unwavering optimism and trust are apparent.

I have my fair share of being left behind and leaving people behind. It’s not a good experience having someone whom you cared so much broke his/her promises. Someone special who brought light into your world then suddenly killed it. On my side, it made me hard to trust again. I cannot choose when love would come, but I can choose people whom deserve my trust.


Who would like the feeling of being pushed beside; making you feel like someone’s way better than you; and that you’re unworthy of the time and appreciation?
No one.

With all the bad experiences, guarding ourselves and putting protective barriers are the best solutions in order for us not to reiterate bad experiences. We walk in a new direction after all the misdirection.

We do not become our personal villain when we stop fighting. When we stop chasing people. When we stop begging for them to come back. We let ourselves move forward; heal hastily; and make things for our own benefit and growth. We must not let other people ruin our lives.

Yes, things are still worth fighting for – albeit the mistakes, missed chances, and moving on – but with the right person. It’s not right for us to restrain ourselves with our happiness just because the wrong people exposed us to heartache and mistrust. Let’s give the right person the right amount of love he/she deserves. Being with a new person includes a new love story that we’re hoping to have a happy ending.


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