5 LGBT TV and Web Series that You Should Watch

It is just very delightful to watch same sex love as the center of a series whether on television or online in these modern days. By that, same sex love is watched on many households thus proper understanding could blossom from there, resulting to widespread acceptance. Thought of homosexual relationship as total lust and sexual might be clear out now into what is truly larger – LOVE.

Alike to heterosexual relationships, there are uncertainties, awkwardness, and fears. Uncertain feelings if we really like the person or it’s just infatuation. Awkward moments during the getting-to-know and dating stages. And fear of losing the person due to mistakes, misunderstanding, differences, and destiny or God’s plan. However, most importantly, there are butterflies in the stomach, bravery, betterment, and inspiration.


My Husband’s Lover

This is the first gay-themed series I’ve ever watched and it happened to be a Filipino original. I am just so proud with GMA 7 after pulling off this first ever gay-themed teleserye in Philippine TV history. I followed this series from beginning up to the end during my college days when I haven’t even came out to my family yet. The story revolves around Vincent who is married to Lally and has two kids however Vincent is a closeted bisexual. Conflict and confusion arise when he and Eric, his high school lover, met again.


The Rich Man’s Daughter

TRMD was the second attempt of GMA 7 for a gay-themed teleserye to be shown nationwide, now focusing on lesbian/girls love. The story follows Jade, the youngest and only daughter of a very rich and traditional Chinese-Filipino family, who is about to marry her long-time boyfriend David yet falls in love with a wedding coordinator Althea. I’m very much in love with its soundtrack “Be With You”, that’s the one playing on background of the video above.



This HBO series orbits basically around 3 gay men namely Patrick, Agustin, and Dom who live in San Francisco. Patrick gets back to dating, Agustin struggles with his relationship, and Dom with his career. Their friends added color to the whole series. Looking lasted for 2 seasons, and had a tv movie at the end to wrap everything.


Hunting Season

If you’re looking for an innocent, romantic series, Hunting Season is definitely not it. The web series revolves around the romantic and sexual adventures of Alex, together with his friends in New York City. It is inspired by the 2005-2008 blog “The Great Cock Hunt”, which eventually turned into a novel. For me, there’s a really big resemblance with Hunting Season and Sex and the City; having both lead actors as writers, its location, search for love, and hunger for sex. It’s certainly the gay version of SATC. Hunting Season lasted for 2 seasons.


Hanging Out

Hanging Out is the first ever Filipino gay web series and I’m very happy I get to watch it – for free! Its story started with the introverted, sexually preoccupied David who find himself in the wrong condo unit of supposed sex date nevertheless make way for him to meet new set of friends. It’s time for real and raw Filipino gay stories to be told without inhibitions and restrictions of “tv’s general viewing policies”. Hanging Out just had its finale for the first season, and avid followers are stoked for the next.

(Photo and video credits from gmanetwork.com, etonline.com, HBO, Kim Sancha, Jake Manabat, Logo tv, and TEAM Mag)




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