Where is Matt Mendoza?

As I scan the tv channels after I woke up early this morning, Dyesebel was on play at PBO. The 1996 version with Charlene Gonzales and Matt Mendoza. I was only 2 years old during that time, yet I watched it as I grew up.

Back then, I found Matt Mendoza good-looking but not until I’ve seen him again today that Handsome Matt changed into Hot Matt. The way I look at him now is different, perhaps because I can already appreciate his buff body, big arms, and hot legs. Grabe pala yung igsi ng mga shorts na suot nya, yung hotness nya pag naka-trunks lang sya. Mas naappreciate ko talaga sya ngayon hahaha.



Pasensya, yan lang yung nakuha kong pics from before. Parang limited lang yung photos before ni Matt Mendoza online. Hindi ko rin ma-screengrab yung movie kasi wala akong clear copy.

Nonetheless, where is Matt Mendoza now?

Based on what I have researched, he is now Councilor Matthew K. Mendoza in the city government of Puerto Princesa. He came from a political family in Palawan and currently following the footsteps of his lolo, father, and uncle.

Hearththrob na, public servant pa!




Likewise, he recently played the role of Benjie’s father, Gabriel Rosales, in Destined to be Yours. He is open in accepting roles as long as there would be no conflict with his councilor duties.

(Photo credits from rddantes.com, missosology.info, puertoprincesa.ph, and Matthew Matt Mendoza FB Account)


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