I read the book back in college and I really liked the story despite the immaturity of the characters. Hence, that vulnerability, and irrationality made Hannah Baker decide to kill herself.

I posted the picture above dated September 27, 2014 on Instagram, and here it is after more than 2 years – an adaptation to web series! I was stoked when I found out that Netflix would be doing a series of Th1rteen R3asons Why. I don’t read a lot, that is why I’m amazed that one of the few books I got to read would be recreated into a series. Luckily, my sister have a subscription already on Netflix so that I don’t need to  purchase my own.

Watching the series, my imaginations of the situations in the book come alive. Some were alike to my thoughts, as far as I can remember them. I loved the songs as well, especially Vance Joy’s Mess is Mine which I used to play during college days. The tapes are just too nostalgic; I remember when I used to get the boombox, insert mixtapes, and play it on. By that time, I’m lost in the wilderness.

I got it, we are immature and naive during high school and so are the characters here. Bad decisions, inappropriate rationalizations, and lost of priorities – these are the uncool side of being young. I don’t say that I’m in the most matured version of myself, yet it took patience for me to finish a series like this.

I can’t remember if there were tons of Clay’s hallucinations in the book however the hallucinations in the series were too much I think, having me and Karl predict the scenes if they were real or not.

Is Hannah Baker an attention-seeker? A teenage drama queen? 

Perhaps, sometimes. She screams at people at times, thus making a scene. Also, she has this “pusher” personality in which she pushes people away from her, just like what happened to Clay and Zach.


Rape and suicide. Two horrible cases that must not happen to everyone, to anyone. Being technical, according to online articles from Philippine Star, there were 2, 558 cases of suicide in the Philippines (2012) and that “one woman or child is raped every 53 minutes” (2016). Likewise, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention found out that 44, 193 Americans die each year because of suicide; around 19.3% of women and 2% of men have been raped (USA Today, 2014).

The figures are very alarming. High or low, these things are happening in our world. Each of us should contribute in making this planet a better and safer place to live in. Let’s campaign kindness and positivity to everyone.

(Credits from,,,, and TV Series and Movie Soundtrack (2) YT channel)


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