PLL The Endgame – S07E11 Playtime – Reaction Blog (Spoilers alert!!!)

THIS IS IT. After 10 months of waiting, the Liars are back. However, it will be their final season and I can’t contain the extreme sadness and glee at the same time. Sadness because they are leaving for good. I will surely long for them since I started watching it when I was in 3rd year high school up to now that I am already a professional. Glee because finally the games will come to an end. “A” will come to an end.

So, I guess the biggest revelation of the last episode before season break was about the connection of Mary Drake and Spencer that is why it is further tackled and investigated in the comeback. I am deeply touched by the love of Veronica Hastings for her (recently discovered) adopted daughter, Spencer; for her husband; and by her willingness to work very hard just to keep her family complete. What a great mother and homemaker she is.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 10.43.36 PM
Screengrab from Freeform YT Channel

“I don’t know when you’ll be back. I’m not sure if I should stay.” Awwwww coming from Aria as she was about to leave Ezra’s loft with her things but Ezra arrived and put back her stuff. EZRIA MOMENT!!!

I can’t blame Aria though for thinking that she has nothing and no one to leave after watching the news that Nicole, “the love that makes sense” and ex-lover of Ezra, has been found. That episode broke my heart seeing Aria’s reaction.

Can Alison move on from the past and stop bothering Emily and Paige? If there is someone who has the right to be angry, it should be Paige since she was bullied by Ali before. The latter must stop playing victim every time, considering she also play it well in pestering other people’s lives. She tends to be very annoying recently and she’s back again using people for her own benefit.

Promise to Self: I’ve been supporting Pretty Little Liars from day 1 up to now and I promise myself to do an episode reaction blog for the last 10 episodes 🙂


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