PLL The Endgame – S07E12 These Boots Were Made for Stalking – Reaction Blog


Is it just me or are we all terrified about this board game A.D. preferred to call Liar’s Lament, and what it can do to the girls? So basically, this board game is a big part to how it will all end.

In this episode, there’s a part when Emily said that she’s done already, referring to Liar’s Lament and A.D. I’m wondering if how done are the girls when they say they are done.

I know that Detective Marco is very thoughtful and sweet to Spencer but I can’t help it to root for Spoby and get blushed every time they are having moments. I always cheer for Ezria, Haleb, Spoby, and Paily ❤

On the other hand, I feel sorry about Aria. So, what’s really the plan of Ezra with his fiancée Aria and ex-girlfriend Nicole? He seems very preoccupied with Nicole, though it’s understandable after years of the latter being presumed dead. Ezra should put things together as soon as possible because he is not the only one suffering here.



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