PLL The Endgame – S07E13 Hold Your Piece – Reaction Blog (Spoilers alert!!!)

Every time one of the girls succeeded a task given by A.D. from Liar’s Lament, they will get a puzzle piece that would form something we don’t know yet.

Questions pop up in my mind, Noel Khan is already dead (headless so to speak), so why the hell A.D. is still alive and bothering the girls? In case, Noel Khan was your suspect.  Clearly, Noel Khan is not A.D., who is him/her/it then? Questions, mysteries, theories. All will be answered and validated by the end of the game.

That Detective Marco Furey is exceeding my expectations with his utmost care and sweetness to Spencer, especially since she’s injured. Sparco (I just created this) is definitely a good thing.

Sydney Driscoll is back and this girl tends to be too mysterious and secretive with her intentions and agenda. So to speak, anyone who comes to Rosewood cannot be trusted in an early time. His/her actions should undergo strict scrutiny first. Though Sydney is not a new character considering she’s part of the game since season 5, her actions in her comeback is still doubtful. She even exchanges messages with a blocked number regarding if she has done “it” already.

I believe many PLL fans would agree to me that one of the heartbreaking moments of the show happened in this episode. That’s when Yvonne Phillips, Toby’s wife, died. It’s a tear-jerking moment for me, having to see how Toby broke down with Spencer because of his loss. You made us cry, PLL 😥

Toby: Are you happy?
Yvonne: Happiest.

On a lighter note, it’s funny and scary that Nicole was actually in Ezra’s loft as Aria arrives. Her silhouette made me think of the monster from the upside down. Hahaha.

(Screengrab and gif credits from Freeform)


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