Please Like Me.

Okay, so I just finished watching Please Like Me, an Australian gay-themed TV series, and I loved it! Karl started watching it so I joined him however I disliked it at first since I found the main character, Josh, egoistic and insensitive but things changed eventually (I don’t want to spoil) and I fell in love with it.

To give you a brief description about the series, it was produced by Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and ran from 2013-2016. Oh yes darlings, it ended already – and yeah it sucks! It wrapped up last 2016 and I just got to watch it this 2018. Though, I can say that it is still so relevant at this time. Additionally, Josh Thomas, who played as Josh, was also the creator, writer, and executive producer of the critically-acclaimed series.


Basic reason why I love Please Like Me is that it tackles sexuality, mental health issues (such as depression), cooking and food, and relationships with family and friends. It left us with nothing to ask for!

Josh is relatable; I remembered the time when I was single that Grindr was one of my bestfriends and I used to meet up with some guys I met there. Going to bars and clubs with friends, being single and ready to mingle. Fun times. Yet of course, on how to handle relationship. I learned a lot of things when it comes to taking care of your boyfriend, of his needs and vulnerability.


The series also put emphasis on our mental health and how it should be taken care of. From Josh’s mom to Arnold to Hannah; from depression to anxiety disorder to self-mutilation. Different types of mental disorders have been showcased during the show. It enlightens us on how our mental health can affect our daily lives and functioning.

One of the best things in the show (I bet Karl will agree) is Josh cooking, and exposure to different kinds of food. Even its episode titles are names of food. You will have this urge to watch episode by episode because of the food the next has to offer. Just a little information to share to avoid spoiling, there is this one episode where Josh and his parents will have a fine dining experience and you should watch out for it since it is one of the beautiful moments in the show, which is largely connected to the succeeding events.

Lastly, I like how Josh managed his time with his family and friends. If a loved one needs him, he will come to the rescue. He divides his time with Alan (dad), Rose (mom), Mae (dad’s new wife), and Grace (half-sister). Tom, the bestfriend, is very lucky to have him as well.


I am recommending this series to the LGBT community; to those who have gay friends and bestfriends; and to those who are realistic and open-minded. You will surely love Please Like Me.

(Photo credits from Netflix,, The Sydney Morning Herald, NYULocal)


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