Imagination, Reality, History, and Sublimation in Art Fair PH 2018

I, together with my friends since College, Joie and Angelo, went to the Art Fair Philippines 2018 held last March 1-4 in The Link, Ayala Center, Makati.

There were lots of fascinating artworks, I must say. We got to be exposed with imaginations materialized; with reality we are in, some are denied and neglected yet truly are happening in the society; with proofs from the past which shaped who and what we are now; with our unconscious desires and wishes sublimated into an art form; and with our current dispositions in life.

This is my second time attending the Art Fair. The first one was back in 2015 wherein we went after internship. I told myself that I must go back again since I got to introduce myself with various faces of art; with great and creative minds; and with different cultures and traditions since this exhibit is open to all artists whatever the nationality is.

With the other art fairs/exhibits that I have experienced, the artists were not there to explain or share how he came up with the particular art which is alike with Art Fair PH. That is why I tend to create my own interpretations in my mind – on how I see the art; with the reasons it came into existence; on how I am affected by it on a personal level. It’s brain-stimulating! And I can say that it is one of the factors why I love going to art fairs since I am free to think and contemplate.

“I’m alone in this different world but it’s okay, they know me here.”

To all the artists and art enthusiasts out there, here are some of the photos I took from the Fair. You’re welcome 😉

IMG_4139IMG_4141IMG_4148IMG_4152IMG_4153IMG_4156IMG_4163IMG_4166IMG_4167IMG_4169IMG_4170IMG_4179IMG_4180IMG_4182IMG_4184IMG_4187IMG_4190IMG_4191IMG_419445E31110-45AD-45C4-9802-6E3FE8E065F4Processed with VSCO with se3 presetIMG_4200IMG_4202IMG_4204IMG_4206IMG_4208IMG_4213IMG_4214IMG_4215IMG_4217IMG_4223IMG_4228IMG_4234IMG_4236IMG_4237IMG_4242IMG_4245IMG_4246IMG_4247IMG_4249IMG_42521F438BED-0D4A-437B-8B99-52C83F640371Processed with VSCO with kk1 preset439702BB-FEC2-4F24-BA42-C8C284E1366AProcessed with VSCO with p5 preset4B53EAD7-82D7-47EE-8FF0-91533B4BA42AIMG_4267


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