A friend broke my heart.

Friends break up. It’s not exclusive to people in a relationship, also for those who share and celebrate friendship with each other.

You broke my heart when you moved on with your life without me. Isn’t it possible that you bring me along? Isn’t it possible that in the new chapter of your life, with tougher challenges and greater experiences, an old friend could be in it as well?

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A Year Ago


Are you not fascinated by the fact that exactly a year ago, same date last year, your life was different from the life you are living now? It might be the workplace, the house you live in, your friends, family, relatives, even boyfriend or girlfriend. One way or another, something has changed.

I feel much amazement with the mere fact that I have a different life one year ago.

A year ago, 2015, I was just entering the corporate world after I passed the board exam for Psychometricians. A fresh meat in the jungle of professionals. A pathetic amateur. I didn’t know where I got my bravery to drag myself inside the corporate office TO WORK. To finally say to myself, “I’m earning.”

There it was, work happened. I reached my dream to work in Makati. I remembered telling myself during OJT days in Rustan’s Makati that I would come back in this city but as an employee already. And so I did. I felt accomplished.

In Makati, I worked in a big company (not bragging about it). A year after, 2016, I am now working in a start-up company with 7 team members here in Manila branch and 2 team members from Cebu and Davao branches. So to speak, I miss working in a company with more than a hundred employees because I get to see and interact with a lot of people everyday compared to my current company. Nonetheless, I can say that I’m happier with my job duties and responsibilities since I get to practice my license as a Psychomet and I believe that we are a growing company and will add more employees in the near future.

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Ang Pag-ibig ay Tapat

My Bromance (2014) [Apolocine.blogspot][(068414)17-29-52]

Anu-ano nga ba ang ating gusto
Sa pag-ibig na di pilit at totoo
Tao nga nama’y kanya-kanya
Ang pita nitong makita at madama

Nais mo ba iyong kiss sa public
Kahit sa paligid ay maraming adik
Iiwan nya ito para ika’y may maitago
Tao sa paligid ay lumalabo

Iyong kasama ka sa mga plano
Ikaw ay kanyang paborito
Kahit di mo hinihiling
Lagi syang katabi at kapiling

Iyong ipapakilala ka sa mga magulang
Upang ang pagsasama’y di kulang
Tanggap kayo ng kanyang pamilya
Daga sa dibdib ay kayang-kaya

Iyong ipapakilala ka sa mga kaibigan
Walang arteng hahalikan at hahagkan
Sa harap nilang hindi namimintas
Dahil ang tunay na kaibigan ay patas

Iyong kahit wala kayong ginagawa
Nakasalampak sa sofa at nakatunganga
Magkahawak ang kamay o magkayakap
Pawang mga isipa’y nasa alapaap

Iyong nakikinig at sumasabay
Sa mga kantang puno ng saysay
Ang titik at tono
Tagos hanggang puso

Marahil ang mga ito ay di pa sapat
Marami pa kayong gustong isatsat
Basta’t tandaan na ang pag-ibig
Mula sa puso’t gawa, di sa bibig

Ating isapuso at ikalat
Pinakamahalaga dapat
Upang tanan ay sapat
Ang pag-ibig ay tapat