5 LGBT TV and Web Series that You Should Watch

It is just very delightful to watch same sex love as the center of a series whether on television or online in these modern days. By that, same sex love is watched on many households thus proper understanding could blossom from there, resulting to widespread acceptance. Thought of homosexual relationship as total lust and sexual might be clear out now into what is truly larger – LOVE.

Alike to heterosexual relationships, there are uncertainties, awkwardness, and fears. Uncertain feelings if we really like the person or it’s just infatuation. Awkward moments during the getting-to-know and dating stages. And fear of losing the person due to mistakes, misunderstanding, differences, and destiny or God’s plan. However, most importantly, there are butterflies in the stomach, bravery, betterment, and inspiration.


My Husband’s Lover

This is the first gay-themed series I’ve ever watched and it happened to be a Filipino original. I am just so proud with GMA 7 after pulling off this first ever gay-themed teleserye in Philippine TV history. I followed this series from beginning up to the end during my college days when I haven’t even came out to my family yet. The story revolves around Vincent who is married to Lally and has two kids however Vincent is a closeted bisexual. Conflict and confusion arise when he and Eric, his high school lover, met again. Continue reading “5 LGBT TV and Web Series that You Should Watch”


4 “rainbow-friendly” night spots in Manila

ATTENTION: LGBT peeps and heteros as well! Thinking of going out tonight? Are you looking for a place where you can express your sexuality and be comfortable being happy and gay? Or are you straight who wants to explore new places and get drunk in a new environment?

Well, here are the 4 places that I could suggest which are either built for gay people or have gay-friendly atmosphere. Plus, due to my great night out experiences and cute guys who frequent them (if you’re looking for a good aura hehe).

today-xPhoto courtesy from Today x Future Official Facebook Page

Today X Future

Today X (as me and my friends call it because it’s near from Cubao X) is a resto-bar and art gallery at the same time. They have artworks, music records, and books that you can view inside the place. There is a Cubao X shop-which-sells-vintage-items feels when you enter the place. They also feature artists with their art collection once in a while. It’s kind of small inside though they also set tables and chairs outside. Hippie customers frequent this place.

Address: 7-T Gen. Malvar St., Araneta Centre, Cubao, Q.C. 1109 Quezon City
Entrance fee: none
Table rates: none
Operating hours: Tuesday | 7 pm – 3 am
                                  Wednesday to Saturday | 7 pm – 4 am

o-barO Bar Divas. Photo from my gallery.

O Bar

O Bar has been the go-to place for 11 years of many gay patrons if they want to drink and party. I always end up having an awesome night in this bar because of the drag performers, ledge dancers, and great crowd. The drag performances are the best here in Manila plus the ledge dancers are all hot and handsome. You will get to meet new sets of people as well who are nice and fun to be with, that is if you are friendly and open for socialization. Yuppies and celebrities frequent this place.

Address: Ortigas Home Depot, Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas, Pasig City Manila
Entrance fee: P400* Wednesday & Thursday
                          P500* Friday to Sunday
                         *inclusive of 3 local drinks or one cocktail
Table rates: P4,000* good for 4-6 pax
                       P6,000* good for 6-8 pax
                      *exclusive of entrance fee
Operating hours: Wednesday to Sunday | 10 pm – 6 am Continue reading “4 “rainbow-friendly” night spots in Manila”

Can I Stay Here Forever?

Just after me and my girlfriends, Kate and Amanda, had our chill drinking at The Fort, I asked them to go to this place in San Juan where it sells ice cream and pizza. What a combination, right? Also, it is open ‘til the wee hours of the night. We always do this whenever we go out and drink or party to calm the intoxication and to eat also.

Amanda brought her car because she doesn’t drink and there’s zero chance for her drunk driving afterwards. I and Kate are total opposite of her. We drink and sometimes get really drunk; we simultaneously do that actually so one can take care of the other. No joke. Going back, Amanda drove to San Juan. Kate is very drunk while I am intoxicated; my vision is not 20/20 anymore. As we arrive in the place, we went directly to this long couch near the counter. It is really cozy in here. Kate immediately lie down; I sit because still, there is kahihiyan in my body. The girl and guy on the other end of the couch laughed at Kate. I think they’re a couple.

I faced them and jokingly said: “Don’t judge her. She’s drunk.” Amanda ordered for us. I told Amanda I want banana split. We got the 4-cheese pizza. Drunk Kate can’t even tell us what she wants. She said kayo na bahala. Amanda sat between me and Kate after ordering.

Amanda: Kate, what’s good? Kaya pa?
Kate: Yeah just give me some minutes.
Amanda: Get up now, the orders are coming and you should eat.

The waiter served the pizza and we ate. As we are ready to eat the ice cream, we called the attention of the waiter to bring them out. The coldness of the ice cream felt so good in the throat, but I think not so good enough to ease my headache so I lay my head down.

Amanda: Are you okay, Louis?
Me: Yes I’m good, don’t worry.

My head slowly slips from lying down. I didn’t know that the guy from the other side of the couch moved towards me because his friend is going to the bathroom. And so my head falls on his shoulder. It feels so good that I didn’t escape from the moment.

Amanda: Uy Louis, umayos ka. Nakakahiya sa kanya. (laughs)

I look upward to see the face of the guy because I haven’t seen it clearly and to assess his reaction. The guy is really good-looking and charming. He is wearing a cap, all his hair is under it so you can indeed have a good view of his face. I like wearing cap and seeing cute guys wear cap because it reveals the features of the face alike when the girls are in ponytails. Going back at him, his braces add cuteness to his face especially when he smiles looking at me. I moved back enough for him not to smell my alcoholic breath.

“Is it okay?” I told him with a feeling of kilig and hiya. “Yeah, no worries. Just lay down. How are you feeling?” He answered immediately.

Me: Just having a headache.
Him: It’s because of the drinks you had.
Me: Yeah, we’ve been to the Fort a while ago. Just a chill drink. How about you and your girlfriend? You guys are studying?
Him: Noooo! She’s not my girlfriend. (laughs) She is a very good friend of mine.
Me: Ohhh, I thought you guys are a couple since I saw you when we arrived.
Him: Nah, we aren’t. Anyway, I’m Kevin.
Me: I’m Louis.

We shook hands. His hand is really soft.

Me: (pointing to Amanda and Kate) Kevin, this is Amanda and Kate. Amanda and Kate, this is Kevin.

Kevin’s friend came back from the wash room. He introduced us his friend Lucie. Afterwards, Kate is feeling better already and we decided to bring her home. But I have a problem: my apartment has a curfew that’s why the gate is already closed and my landlady is in deep sleep now for sure. How/where will I spend the night? I didn’t notice that Kevin has heard my “world war dilemma”, he barged in in our conversation.

“You can stay in my condo. It’s in Quezon City and I’m alone there.” Kevin said, I am surprised and don’t know what to respond.

Amanda: Okay, problem solved?
Me: Uhm…. Are you sure? Uhm…. Is it not a problem me spending the night at your place? Wait…
Kevin: Yeah, no problem. Please stay the night, so that I wouldn’t be alone too?

After minutes of weighing, thinking, and feeling kilig, I answered yes. But I told him that I should make sure first that Kate will be home safely and he suggested that we will be driving behind Amanda’s car until Kate is home before we drive to his condo. Anyway, Kate’s house is in QC and it’s near his condo so it’s not hassle.

After we sent Kate’s home, we went to his condo. His unit is in the 15th floor, room 1506. It smells so good inside and it looks so nice as well. His creativity is largely exposed in his room. He has artworks, cut-outs from magazines, and some DIY posted on the wall. The pictures of him and his family are also displayed. I am seeing the soul of this person, and it is beautiful.

As he takes a shower, I sit and think what will happen tonight. Are we going to sleep already? Are we going to talk then sleep? Are we going to have sex? Are we going to have sex, talk, and then sleep? I don’t know what will happen but I’m hoping it will be hella night.

He went out of the shower with just a towel tied around his waist. He has a hot body. Even his chest is not that big and toned, he has six-pack abs and some toned biceps. He is yummy.

After I took a shower, I wore the sleeping clothes that he lent me. I don’t know the point of taking these clothes on if we’re going to take them off eventually. Just kidding.

Kevin is lying already and made a head signal asking me to join him on the bed and so I did. I lay beside him and hug him. He gave me a kiss on the head. After that, he played some indie playlist on Spotify and I’m telling you, those songs made the night more special and different. The melody and lyrics of indie music are genuine. We can say that the composer put enough, if not too much, heart on the song. While listening, I’m like floating…..with my eyes closed, his right hand on my back, left hand holding mine, and our bodies pressed against each other. Times like these I ask, can I stay here forever?

Have you ever experience something so special that your heart beats so fast and the moment go slow mo? Battle of opposites, isn’t it? Too good to be true, but it’s happening. Your love story is happening.

Me: Can I stay here forever?
Kevin: No, you can’t….

“Uhh okay” then I tried to get off the hug but he pulled me back again. “….but you can have it in your memory forever.” He laughed, I smiled.

Kevin: Why did you drink with your friends tonight?
Me: Actually, I asked them out to join me because I’m having a problem…
Kevin: A problem… what kind of problem, family, friends, work?
Me: None of what you have said.
Kevin: Ahhhh. So maybe your problem is a boy, right?

Me: Yes, right. I have these friends who are a couple and they broke up. This boy asked me out to stay up all night, have fun, drink, and party. He said he wants to forget about his ex and as a concerned friend, I went out with him. After we had our dinner, we went to a club to drink. As we were dancing, he kissed me and told me that he broke up with his ex because he likes me. I was shocked. But honestly, I like him as well since he was with his ex. I didn’t entertain what I’m feeling because I know that’s the right thing to do. I felt very happy when he told me that. After that night, we kept in touch through call and text. Days after, he told me that he was going to meet his ex and talk. I asked him if it’s for closure and he said he doesn’t know what’s going to happen and will update me. After they have talked and he arrived home, he told me that they are okay and back together.

Even if for a short time we had, it broke my heart. Pain is not measured by the length of time but by the special feelings and moments that you have shared together. Sobrang panget lang talaga sa pakiramdam na ikaw yung di pinili noh? Na ikaw yung tinapon.

Kevin…..you still up?

Kevin: Yes, I am. You’re right; being the second option is the worst feeling. But I guess you’re better now?
Me: I am. Who wouldn’t feel better with you next to his side?
Kevin: You’re sweet.

Me: Kevin, there is something very special about you.
Kevin: About me?? What is it?

Me: I mean…..I like you.

Kevin: I like you too, Louis.

I looked at him so that he can sense that I’m aiming for a kiss on the lips. He looked at me, put his hand on my side, and kissed me. Fireworks and magic happened. After the first kiss, we went for another, then another, and another, so on and so forth.

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