I read the book back in college and I really liked the story despite the immaturity of the characters. Hence, that vulnerability, and irrationality made Hannah Baker decide to kill herself.

I posted the picture above dated September 27, 2014 on Instagram, and here it is after more than 2 years – an adaptation to web series! I was stoked when I found out that Netflix would be doing a series of Th1rteen R3asons Why. I don’t read a lot, that is why I’m amazed that one of the few books I got to read would be recreated into a series. Luckily, my sister have a subscription already on Netflix so that I don’t need to  purchase my own. Continue reading “MY COLLEGE NOSTALGIA – TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY (Web Series) – Reaction Blog”


6 LGBT and Proud Movies

One way of showing to the world how LGBTs love each other is through the movies. Being fond of watching movies, movies that showcase same sex love is definitely a huge part of my movie checklist. I am very much amazed if real-life experiences, struggles, accomplishments in life and love of LGBTs are being portrayed.

My Bromance

Phi Chai or My Bromance revolves around two schoolboys named as Golf and Bank. Bank is the son of Golf’s father from another woman. These stepbrothers would eventually develop love for each other but conflict occurs when their parents get to know about their relationship.

This movie teaches us how to love without boundaries and fears.

In My Life

In My Life started with Shirley Templo, separated from her husband, who decided to move to New York after being dumped by her daughter Dang who plans to live in Australia. Shirley’s son Mark lives in New York with his boyfriend Noel. Problems arise when Mark and Noel started to deal with Shirley’s rude attitudes, Noel’s application for green card, and Mark getting sick.

This movie teaches us the importance of chances and changes we make in our lives. Continue reading “6 LGBT and Proud Movies”

Rhian Ramos, bagong Reyna Avria?

Sino kaya ang gaganap na Reyna Avria ng Etheria? Nitong linggo ay muling binuhay ni Ether ang dating reyna, at panigurado ay marami na ang nagpupustahan kung sino ba talaga ang gaganap dito.

Sa episodes ng Encantadia na pinapakita si Avria, nahihirapan akong hulaan kung sino ba talaga ang artista kahit na hindi naman ganon kabigat ang make-up at prosthetics nito.

screen-shot-2017-02-10-at-1-28-45-amScreengrab from GMA Network Youtube Channel

Francine Prieto, the original Reyna Avria. Screengrab from EncaTV Youtube Channel Continue reading “Rhian Ramos, bagong Reyna Avria?”

The Linden Suites

I, together with my boyfriend’s family, stayed in The Linden Suites located at Ortigas Center for 1 night. We had the Twin Bedroom Deluxe for us.

Staycation is one of our favorite things to do since we get to relax and pamper ourselves, plus we act like we’re living the cosmopolitan life. This is our first for this year 2017!

Sadly, I wasn’t able to take pictures of our bedroom, just the view outside the window.

img_1805 Continue reading “The Linden Suites”

To The One Who Were Left Behind

Certainly, we cannot control if people would come and go into our lives. For months, even weeks, they are with us and then poof, all gone. Fighting for them to stay is a choice we should make, but for how long? Do they deserve to have a spot in our lives, or we just need to let go?

In a world full of mistakes, missed chances, and moving on, are things still worth fighting for?

I know a separated woman who has been largely hurt by a man and swore that she will never let a man make her feel that way. I salute her! I believe we should not depend on anyone, especially for our happiness’ sake. Undeniably, pain makes us tougher. It transforms us into someone we never thought we could be.

On the contrary, there is this guy whose despite the failed relationships and dates, keeps on believing in “love”. Notwithstanding all the money spent, wasted effort, and faded flowers. Unwavering optimism and trust are apparent.

I have my fair share of being left behind and leaving people behind. It’s not a good experience having someone whom you cared so much broke his/her promises. Someone special who brought light into your world then suddenly killed it. On my side, it made me hard to trust again. I cannot choose when love would come, but I can choose people whom deserve my trust.


Who would like the feeling of being pushed beside; making you feel like someone’s way better than you; and that you’re unworthy of the time and appreciation?
No one.

With all the bad experiences, guarding ourselves and putting protective barriers are the best solutions in order for us not to reiterate bad experiences. We walk in a new direction after all the misdirection.

We do not become our personal villain when we stop fighting. When we stop chasing people. When we stop begging for them to come back. We let ourselves move forward; heal hastily; and make things for our own benefit and growth. We must not let other people ruin our lives.

Yes, things are still worth fighting for – albeit the mistakes, missed chances, and moving on – but with the right person. It’s not right for us to restrain ourselves with our happiness just because the wrong people exposed us to heartache and mistrust. Let’s give the right person the right amount of love he/she deserves. Being with a new person includes a new love story that we’re hoping to have a happy ending.

A Year Ago


Are you not fascinated by the fact that exactly a year ago, same date last year, your life was different from the life you are living now? It might be the workplace, the house you live in, your friends, family, relatives, even boyfriend or girlfriend. One way or another, something has changed.

I feel much amazement with the mere fact that I have a different life one year ago.

A year ago, 2015, I was just entering the corporate world after I passed the board exam for Psychometricians. A fresh meat in the jungle of professionals. A pathetic amateur. I didn’t know where I got my bravery to drag myself inside the corporate office TO WORK. To finally say to myself, “I’m earning.”

A year after, 2016, I am now working in a start-up company with 7 team members here in Manila branch and 2 team members from Cebu and Davao branches. So to speak, I miss working in a company with more than a hundred employees because I get to see and interact with a lot of people everyday compared to my current company. Nonetheless, I can say that I’m happier with my job duties and responsibilities since I get to practice my license as a Psychomet and I believe that we are a growing company and will add more employees in the near future.

Continue reading “A Year Ago”

Ang Pag-ibig ay Tapat

My Bromance (2014) [Apolocine.blogspot][(068414)17-29-52]

Anu-ano nga ba ang ating gusto
Sa pag-ibig na di pilit at totoo
Tao nga nama’y kanya-kanya
Ang pita nitong makita at madama

Nais mo ba iyong kiss sa public
Kahit sa paligid ay maraming adik
Iiwan nya ito para ika’y may maitago
Tao sa paligid ay lumalabo

Iyong kasama ka sa mga plano
Ikaw ay kanyang paborito
Kahit di mo hinihiling
Lagi syang katabi at kapiling

Iyong ipapakilala ka sa mga magulang
Upang ang pagsasama’y di kulang
Tanggap kayo ng kanyang pamilya
Daga sa dibdib ay kayang-kaya

Iyong ipapakilala ka sa mga kaibigan
Walang arteng hahalikan at hahagkan
Sa harap nilang hindi namimintas
Dahil ang tunay na kaibigan ay patas

Iyong kahit wala kayong ginagawa
Nakasalampak sa sofa at nakatunganga
Magkahawak ang kamay o magkayakap
Pawang mga isipa’y nasa alapaap

Iyong nakikinig at sumasabay
Sa mga kantang puno ng saysay
Ang titik at tono
Tagos hanggang puso

Marahil ang mga ito ay di pa sapat
Marami pa kayong gustong isatsat
Basta’t tandaan na ang pag-ibig
Mula sa puso’t gawa, di sa bibig

Ating isapuso at ikalat
Pinakamahalaga dapat
Upang tanan ay sapat
Ang pag-ibig ay tapat